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Monday, December 10, 2012

Articles written by politicians related to school funding

Articles written by politicians related to school funding, such as that by Barbara Buono “The ‘new normal’ is inadequate for our schools” illustrate how our education system has become a political football. The idea that more money is the best way to improve education may be politically very attractive but highlights the fact that our legislative and judicial systems have one solution for any problem – tax and spend. There are many studies that show only a loose connection between spending and quality of education.  Why don’t politicians like Buono look to what has worked at private schools to improve education and reduce waste without increasing our tax burden? Things like school uniforms, getting rid of bad teachers/administrators and more parental involvement have all been shown to improve education at minimal cost. We should elect leaders that can adapt to the new norm of doing more with less and solving problems with creative solutions instead of the tax and spend mentality that is pervasive with most of our Legislature today.

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