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Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Borsinger contact

I received the following from Joseph Borsinger – I never met him but my dad has communicated with him for years and has tracked some of the geneology baack to Borsingers who apparently left Prussia back in the 1500’s for the New World. Anyway here is what Joseph has to say:

‘My family resides in Elgin, Illinois and South Elgin, Illinois,  I live in Champaign, Illinois.  ……. My parents lived in Valley Stream, N.Y              Glad there are plenty of Borsinger’s around Guido has communiated with my Family for years and he knows Joe & Serine Borsinger Family . I am his son and wish to add to the family names of Borsinger. My daughter Carol Jo had twins, Logan Thomas and Claire Suzanne, 12 years old and my daughter never married and kept the Borsinger name therefore my grandson Logan Thomas will carry the Borsinger name on.
Have a Healthy & Happy New Year

 Joe Alan Borsinger’

posted by Gregory Borsinger at 3:33 pm  

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