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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our New Jersy Governor Under Attack

Our left leaning daily newspaper – the Newark Star Ledger -is constanly publishing negative articles regarding our Governor Christie. Below is another article that was sent to the paper but never got published:

Dear Editor,
Your article on “How Dems may outfox Christie on millionaires’ tax” should have read “How Dems plan to drive job creators out of State in spite of Christie’s efforts”. People are learning that the rich are already paying a hefty sum to the government. The top 5% of earners pay an estimated 60% of all income tax*. The rest of us pay taxes when we buy gas, use our phone, live in a house and on and on. Our Government has a spending problem not a revenue problem. If a wealthy person did something illegal to get their monies – go ahead and nail them in your paper but you should stop demonizing wealthy people for being successful.


Gregory Borsinger


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