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Friday, November 13, 2009

More on Healthcare

OK so I sent a few more Letters to the Editor at the Star Ledger on the Healthcare issue and I guess I am now officially on their IGNORE list. Most of the letters they do print are pro Obama Healthcare. So in an attempt to vent my frustration on this issue I sent letters to my Congressman and Senators. Below is the letter sent on Nov. 13th 2009. Enjoy and write your elected officials!

Dear Senator,

Regarding healthcare reform/cost reduction – What is being pushed by the Democratic left is simply another tax on an already overtaxed public. If you were truly interested in reducing the cost of healthcare you would focus on reducing the costs that make up healthcare. Real cost reductions would involve things like tort reform to reduce the enormous amount of frivolous litigation and unproductive costs to avert the possibilities of litigation; enforcing immigration laws so healthcare providers do not have to pay for healthcare for persons here illegally; creating more competition between insurers by removing interstate barriers…..What I see in the bill is a reduction in payments to healthcare providers! That is like me as a businessman telling my suppliers I will only pay them a fraction of what they are asking for – a joke. Some of my doctors are already threatening to quit the profession due to the high costs, long hours and poor incomes.

What worries me the most is the Chicago style, back door politics going on in the White House that resulted in the AARP and AMA backing for this legislation? What deals were cut and what is that going to cost us the public? If citizens were truly educated about what is going on in Washington there would be more than Tea Party revolts.

I also oppose any of my tax dollars going to help fund any form of abortion.

Please consider my opinions as I believe it is the majority opinion in New Jersey.


Greg Borsinger

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