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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Healthcare reform – letter to Senator Menendez

I recently wrote a letter to Senator  Menendez of New Jersey

Here is the letter – I suspect he is friends with the American Trial Lawyers Union and as such do not expect this to fall on receptive ears – but if enough people speak up – well maby!

Taking cost out of health care and making it more affordable is needed. Getting Government more involved in the process of managing health care is not the answer. Government should look at the cost structure of healthcare and create POLICIES and LAWS that reduce health care costs.

Having been involved in health care -I can confirm that a MAJOR driver to the double digit increases in health care is the LIABILITY and LITTIGATION laws and policy structure. What is needed to drive down health care costs is TORT REFORM. Bad healthcare providers should be provided with guidelines on how to become better – or be excluded from practice – not provide a gravy train for trial lawyers. The HIDDEN COSTS of liability laws and policies that have run amuck far exceed the actual amounts paid out due to litigation. It is a MAJOR DRIVER to increases in healthcare costs – just ask anyone in the business and you find that many healthcare costs and cost increases are rooted in liability concerns and costs.

Countries outside the USA laugh at our liability laws and wonder how businesses can survive under such obstructions. I urge you to focus on the ROOT CAUSES of increases in health care costs and take actions to improve the health care PROCESS and not get Government more involved in the managing of health care.

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